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    Crystalline aluminum chloride

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    detailed description

      Chinese Name: crystalline aluminum chloride, crystalline aluminum trichloride (also known as aluminum chloride hexahydrate,)

      Molecular formula: alcl3.6h2o

      Product appearance: the appearance of this product is light yellow or yellow crystal.

      It is mainly used in precision casting, industrial water treatment and oily sewage purification. Especially for low temperature, low turbidity, alkaline water treatment effect is better. In addition, it is widely used in printing and dyeing, leather, oil field, paper making, precision casting, chemical industry, etc.

      Crystalline aluminum chloride can be used as hardener of investment casting shell instead of ammonium chloride in investment casting. It has the advantages of stable quality, high strength of shell, convenient use and adjustment, improving workers' operating conditions, and good comprehensive economic benefits.